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Welcome! Thanks for visiting us!

The worlds first "Happy" golf Video:  Special thanks to Pharrell Williams, whose lyrics and music inspired it.  So very much appreciated.  Please come and visit Port Alberni some day!


Welcome.....and thank you for visiting our site!  If you have made it here, you have found the Hollies Executive Golf Course located in the beautiful Alberni Valley on extraordinary Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada.

Simply put, we are a "Mom and Pop" golf course.  A true and authentic model! With every breath we take, every waking moment, and each encounter we experience, we see the game of golf as a passage toward lifes new dimensions, challenges, and relationships.  We see it as a vehicle to forge ourselves as becoming better human beings, physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

The way we took advantage of that ideal was to buy our own modest, but yet complete golf course, incorporating as many aspects of golf and its lingering interests while we work toward capturing the inspiration of todays golfer.

The course is our home and its for you!  Its available for you as a beginning, intermediate, or advanced golfer to play, experience, and enjoy.  Do you need to take a break from your travels and play golf?

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The top 5 things we do best!

1.  Golf Instruction:  While we are only a small golf course, our knowledge, availability, and concern for those who TRULY want to improve their golf is without compromise.  We not only have the history and the capability, but we are as accomplished as any other golf facility in the country.

2.  Caesars:  Caesar drinks are caesar drinks?  Not so here!  Our caesars are known to be the best in the region.  It could be that we were taught by the best!

3.  Steak marinade:  We have a special and secret steak BBQ sauce which we use especially for our group outings.  It has never let us down.  Please, do not ask us for the recipe.

4.  Golf Information:  It doesnt matter what the golf topic is, we think you will find us an incredible source of information regarding such things as: instruction, equipment to purchase, where to play, rules of the game, or etiquette. Dont hesitate to ask.  If we dont know, we soon will!

5.  Friendliness: Tired of staff and employees who are rude, unapproachable, or uncaring?  You will not find this type of behaviour here.  Our philosophy has always been to "treat everyone as you would want to be treated!"  We "walk the walk!"


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Pat and Jackie
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