3133 Alberni Highway, Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada, V9Y 8R5

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The Course

Course Rating:         57.2
Course Slope:          81
Course yardage:       1560 yards

Hole #1: (135 yards)

(Desolation Sound) 

A tricky opening hole with out of bounds on the right and a severe right to left slope on the green.

Hole #2: (145 yards)


(aka Jennifer Aniston)

Most golfers underclub here due to a changing wind.  An invisible ditch behind the flat green causes an easy hole to yield high scores.

Hole #3: (158 yards)


Over a ditch to a sloping front to back green.  Recoveries are rare from behind the green.

Hole #4: (210 yards)

(Area 51)

Long tee shot over ditch.  Long grass on the right along with a forest will cause havoc to the slicer.  A long straight tee shot to a flat pear shaped green will earn a much sought after 3!

Hole #5: (215 yards)

(Dog Bone)

An interesting dogleg left tee shot to an inverted narrow, saucer green makes a 3 very difficult to attain.  The tee shot is wide open with a ditch and out of bounds on the right.  A tee shot hit too far straight  will also find the water!

Hole #6: (117 yards)

(Alberni Triangle) 

Shortest hole on the course and one which has yielded the most aces! Play short and allow the ball to run on. Overshooting makes a recovery very difficult.

Hole #7: (150 yards)

(Robins nest)

Out of bounds on the right along with a bunker right of the green, make it a convenient nightmare for slicers! Balls overshooting the green are almost guaranteed a non recovery for par!  Also a challenge is British Columbias only green to own a bunker, affectionately named "the Robins Nest" after long time member Robin Woodward.

Hole #8: (180 yards)

(Grassy Knoll)

Most difficult hole on the course! Golfers hit over 2 grass mounds to a hidden green, shaped in the letter "C" to symbollically capture the Vancouver Canucks logo, with a ditch menacing the right side of the fairway.

Hole #9: (230 yards)

(Teds A**hole)

A drive over 2 ditches to a severe green             sloped front to back and flanked by a nasty pot bunker affectionately called "Teds  A**hole".  This is a finishing hole that has ruined many, many potentially good rounds.


View from back of course looking towards Clubhouse.
#2 hole
#2 tee with Beaufort Range in background.
View of clubhouse from course side.
One of the many brook crossings around the course.
Babbling brook crossing #4 fairway.
Pleasant scenery
Photo of flower around course pond.
View of surrounding area. Pictured here is Mt. Arrowsmith.
#6 tee
#6 tee
View from restaurant patio.
Putting Green
Clubhouse patio
Friendly wildlife around the course.
The course.
Long Straightaway
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