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Our Events

Mens Night

Mens night is thursday evenings at 6:00 (5:30 in spring and fall).  The golfers play in groups that we shuffle from time to time enabling everyone to meet new golfers.  After 5 outings, each golfer is given a non portable handicap unique to the Hollies Golf Course.  They play 9 holes and a delicious meal is provided, but which is optional.  In addition, our great local merchants provide our group with wonderful prizes which are presented at the end of the evening.  Golfers are awarded points based on participation and scoring.  The winner annually joins the owners for a year end wine and dine golf experience playing lesson.  Also, each week a significant contribution is collected from the entries and 50/50 draws.  At the years end it is donated to the courses charity, Ty Watson House, Port Albernis fantastic hospice house.  Since the Hollies began Mens Nights, we have raised nearly $40,000.00.  Normally, the night includes paying for a green fee, a mens night fee, and a dinner fee which in all does not exceed $32.00.  Everyone tees off in a "shotgun" format which means each group tees off at the same time on different tee locations (assuring all will finish at the same time.  Newcomers are always welcome.  


Ladies Night

Ladies Night is wednesday evenings at 6:00 (5:30 in spring and fall).  A dinner is served each week and the women phone in ahead of time with the names of the golfers.  We assign each group a tee location as we tee all at the same time.  Newcomers are always welcome and encouraged.  Ladies Nights are not about how well you play as much as just "being there".  It is formost a social outing, but we also create a little competition for those who want a bit of golf.  The ladies pay for a green fee, a dinner, and a portion is used for 50/50 draws, draw prizes, and also for a contribution for the Hollies charity, Ty Watson House.  Draw prizes are donated by a host of great merchants of business in and around Port Alberni.  It is meant to be a night out with the ladies and relaxing.  Come and join us.  Newcomers are encouraged to join us.


2 for 1 Night

Friday evening is always 2 for 1 night unless the golf course is booked for a private event.  2 golfers may play for the price of 1!  2 for 1 night is a very relaxed evening.  The concept encourages all couples regardless of gender.  Often the evening can be busy, and we encourage golfers to avoid slow play in the interests of all golfers enjoying themselves.  Always keep up with the group in front of you.  2 for 1 night begins at noon.  If you have a threesome, normally the Hollies charges 2 green fees and golfers divide the fees 3 ways.



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