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Our Fees and Services



Membership Categories


Single Adult:  $725.00     Single Adult Restricted:  $654.00*

Adult Couple:  $1,313.25     Adult Restricted:  $1,199.95*

*Restricted means no play on weekends or holidays.


Spring/Summer (May 1-September 30) Adult:  $475.00

Spring/Summer Restricted:  $395.00

Summer (July 1-September 30):  $325.00

Fall (October 1-October 31):  $199.00

Green Fees

Adult 9 holes:  $20.00  Adult 18 holes: $30.00  Adult All Day:  $35.00

Junior 9 holes:  $15.65  Junior 18 holes:  $20.50  Junior All Day:  $25.00

Adult 10 Round Pass:  $156.25  Junior 10 Round Pass:  $99.00

Equipment Rentals

Club Rentals:  $6.75  Hand Cart Rentals:  $3.75

Power Cart (9 holes):  $15.00  Power Cart (18 holes):  $25.00 *

*Please reserve a day in advance

Golf Lessons (Canadian PGA)

30 Minutes:  $35.00  1 Hour:  $50.00

Groups (by request)

Clubhouse Rental

Golf Groups:  No charge

Non Golf Groups:  $100.00

BBQ Meals 

Hamburger:  $6.95*  Chicken Breast:  $9.95**  Steak:  $11.95**

*Hamburger meals include caesar salad

** Chicken and Steak include caesar salad and baked potatoe



The Hollies offers a wide variety of opportunities for both newcomers and advanced golfers to improve their golf skills.  Our focus is on the new golfer and introducing them to proven fundamental basic techniques.  No gimmicks!   We offer private individual sessions as well as the popular 5 class series.  All equipment is provided as are individually tailored practice programs designed to work with the lesson and the individual.  Book an appointment by phoning the Hollies.                             

Junior Instruction:  

We specialize in young people and exposing them to the game of golf.  We enjoy teaching young people of ages from 5 up.  We advocate mild introductory instruction with strong parental involvement.  As a parent, if you are not prepared to take your child out to golf and share your time with him, it will not work.


The Hollies will book your own private golf outing.  If you want a pleasant golf outing for a small group that caters to include those with little golf experience, the Hollies is the place.  With the added bonus of having staff who are skilled to help organize your outing, it is a place perfect for your event.   We will book the course for your group and supply any rentals that may be needed by your customers including clubs, hand carts, balls, and any other essentials.  The Hollies also will BBQ for your event at the end of your golf.  Choose from hearty sirloin hamburgers, chicken breast, or our incredible butler steaks including our secret marinade.  Packages for everything including golf, food, and organizing are also available as a combination. 

Club Repair:

Have a favorite club needing repair?  Bring it in!  Chances are it will be fixed by the end of the day for your next golf game.

Golf Equipment:

Do you need equipment or want to purchase equipment?  We can help!  We will fit you at your need AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU!  We sell basic , but good quality equipment and if you require top of the line clubs, we can order it in at very competitive prices.  There is just some equipment one should not be purchasing outside of a pro shop and these include golf clubs!  Take a chance and try us.  Do not be intimidated.  We are friendly and committed to offer you honest answers.

Golf Advice:

One of our other strong assets is our ability to answer your numerous questions on the sport of Golf!  The owners have been around the world playing Golf.  We have seen the best golfers in action and we have been involved in the Golf Industry for many decades and if you want advice whether it pertains to instruction, equipment, where to golf, etiquette, or rules of the game....use us!  It costs you nothing.  We are here for you!

Licensed Facility: 

Our modest and charming clubhouse can look after small groups of up to 40 in a comfortable way.  Whether it be a seminar group, meeting, or a wedding shower, we are happy to accomodate you and your group.  It is licensed and affordable.  Give us a call today!


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